House Purchase Planner (Orange County, CA)

House Planner is an application that helps prospective homebuyers to find a home and a location that fits both the preference and budget. The underlying research was conducted at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and is based on a hedonic regression model calibrated with more than 40,000 sales records. Currently House Planner is only available for orange County, CA but an extension to other areas is in the works.

Ideally, buyers should use House Planner in the early stage of the homebuying process The application not only allows the buyer to specify house properties but also to select a house location on the map. In addition, the application shows how much each of the specific house properties contributes to the price and by how much each amenity of the chosen location such as school quality, proximity to beaches, or shopping malls contributes to the overall price.

Since the application makes it very easy for the user to re-adjust their preferences, the homebuyer can recalibrate as many times as they want until they locate the perfect area that meets both their preference and their budget.