House Purchase Planner (Orange County, CA)

Using the House Purchase Planner application is as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Click on the "Start App" tab to use the interactive House Purchase Planner application. By default, it shows the estimated price for an average house in Orange County, which has three bedrooms, about 1,700 square feet, no swimming pool, and is not a foreclosure/short sale property.

    The left panel shows already the base price for the specified house in an average location in Orange County.

  2. The interactive Orange County map in the middle panel shows locations that are more expensice (red) and locations that are less expensive (green) than the stimated base price. Double Click on  the map to zoom in. Then find a location you are interested in and click on it.

    The right panel will now show you amenties such as school quality or distance to the beach for the chosenat the chosen location. In addition you can also see how these amenties influence the price of a house and what is the overall estimated price for the location.
  3. If the chosen house does not fit your budget you can adjust the house properties in the left panel and start over with step one or you can try a different location.

    If you like to get more information about locations in Orange County you can also click on the Other Resourses tab located on the Home Page.